My interest in antique quilts and a desire to educate myself as a consumer led me to the field of appraising. It’s turned into a wonderful learning experience and an opportunity to see fabulous quilts, both old and new. After years of study and practice in the specialty of textiles, I became an accredited member of the American Society of Appraisers. This is the oldest and only multidisciplinary appraisal society with rigorous educational and testing criteria.

An appraisal is a written document that provides a statement of value determined by analysis of a number of factors. These include an examination of the quilt, the purpose of the appraisal, the market in which the quilt is being valued, and the valuation approach used by the appraiser.

If you have a need for an appraisal, whether for insurance purposes, including loss or protection, or a fair market value for donation or equitable distribution, contact me at or at 703-938-4846